Client Testimonials

We bought our first Yorkie “Noel” from Kaye Rine in November 2011 and we stole her because this little darling is priceless. She is the sweetest little gal we have ever owned. The little clown with the big personality never fails to make us laugh and feel special. Thanks a million Kaye!

`Jon & Erin White`

Kaye and I go back to the 70`s when we were raising Great Danes. She did her homework then, and still does her homework today. You can`t get a better dog breeder than Kaye, she knows her breeds inside and out. I now have one of her Maltese, named Boo. He has been a GREAT addition to our family. I love him so much. Yes, he is the king of our house, and spoiled rotten. Yes Kaye, your the best!

`Donna Harter`

We purchased a female Yorkie from Kaye in 1999. We had a beautiful, healthy, good natured, beloved pet that brought us much happiness and wonderful times times for many years. Zoe loved bike rides sitting in her basket and car rides. We took her with us all of the time. Yes, she was spoiled, but well behaved and very adaptable. So of course, we went back to Kaye to purchase another Yorkie. This
time two females born on 1/6/12! Thanks Kaye for your beautiful Yorkies!

`Nancy Garrabrant`

We purchased not one, but two male Yorkshire Terriers from Kaye in June of
2011. This purchase came a little over a year after the loss of our fourteen
year old Yorkie “Jax”. Our family could not be more pleased with our purchase.
They are pleasant, gentle, and loving and have a wonderful temperament with
our daughter. The whole family adores these little fellows. Our family highly
recommends Rine`s Yorkie Treasures. Thank you Kaye for our precious treasures.

~Mark, Melody, & Mallory Daniel

I bought Cici from Kaye 3 yrs. ago and she is a wonderful, loving yorkie. I would definitely buy another from her. She is not yappy, and sits when you want her to and also will stay where you want her. She is a beautiful yorkie and well loved. Kaye you raised Cici to be a very loving yorkie and thank you for her gift.


We purchased Yorkie AMELIA NYAH the end of June after our 7 year old Yorkie died from a rare fast growing cancer. We wanted a tiny female from a totally different geographic location from our home. We hit the jackpot! Kaye knows her stuff, was great talking to & working with us, & we got the cutest nicest puppy of any of our 4 Yorkies, with a great temperament. She weighs 2.8# at 9 months & gets along well with our 4 year old Yorkie. We highly recommend Kaye!

~Jay & Sue Ryno

I purchased our female Yorkie named Sophia from Kaye in June of 2011 and I just love her. She is a very loving Yorkie and not Yappie and loves to cuddle with me and my husband. We also own a Yorkie Poo and they just love one another. If you are looking for a great Yorkie I would recomend you see Kaye for your choice of fine Yorkies. I would not hesitate to purchase another from her if I decide to buy another one. Thank You Kaye for our baby girl.

~Marcia Dunkle

I am so pleased with my darling Thaddeus, the little male Yorkie I purchased from Kaye. He is such a well socialized puppy. I couldn`t be happier. I have had Yorkies for over 20 years and I can honestly say that this little puppy has one of the most loving temperaments I have ever seen. Thank you Kaye for the love and care you put into your puppies. Thaddeus is going to be a well loved addition to our family.