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Play Yards For All of My Yorkies

This is the play yard made especially for our adult Yorkies and Puppies.
They get a lot of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise there.


We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Ohio. I have loved and bred Yorkshire Terriers since 1985 (34 years). It has been a sincere passion of mine, to improve each dog with each generation. Going on my fifth generation, I have always tried to breed within the Standard of the Yorkshire Terrier. Incorporating good producing Champion lines for certain desirable qualities. I have spent years breeding and buying the best representatives of the breed I could acquire. Please do not think that because it is a Yorkshire Terrier that they all resemble or look the same, they “Do Not”. It takes careful selection in breeding any breed to represent what that particular breed should look like, that is why their is a Standard.

Don’t be disappointed by what you think you are getting. To many people have come to me saying that the puppy they purchased was not what they were told it would be, it grew very large, ears didn’t stand, rough or cottony coat, health problems, etc.

If you do not care what your Yorkie will look like as an adult, they are out there in all sizes, shapes, prices, etc. If you want a Yorkie that looks like it stepped right out of a Breed book, please go to a reputable breeder you’ll be much happier and more proud too.




Rines Yorkie Treasures